Wisconsin State Journal

The Wisconsin State Journal is the second largest daily newspaper in Wisconsin, primarily serving the capital city of Madison with news, sports, lifestyle and entertainment.

Below are some of my favorite articles that I’ve written for the State Journal. For a complete list, please follow this link.

Vilas Zoo to welcome animal lovers for sleepovers beginning in April

By Cadence Bambenek | February 14, 2016

One night last fall, Nicole Cauffman and her 7-year-old daughter, Aubrey, fell asleep to the sound of “barking” bats after feeding an avocado to an aardvark and slathering an envelope with peanut butter for an orangutan to find in the morning.

Beginning in April, families with children over the age of 5 will again have the opportunity to roll out their sleeping bags and spend the night next to reptiles, amphibians and fish at the Vilas Zoo…click here to continue reading.

Report: Former New York Times reporter took her own life

By Cadence Bambenek | February 26, 2016

A former New York Times reporter and UW-Madison graduate living in the Dominican Republic committed suicide, The New York Times reported Friday.

Sarah Kershaw’s body was found Monday morning in her home in the northern beach town of Sosua near the town of Puerto Plata…click here to continue reading.

Just Ask Us: What makes the painted bunting such a colorful bird?

By Cadence Bambenek | April 10, 2016

Q On March 24, you had a picture of a painted bunting. What makes such a variety of colors on one bird?

A Feather colors in birds are created two ways, through either unique pigmentation or feather structure, according to Carolyn Byers, director of education at the Madison Audubon Society…click here to continue reading.

UW-Madison student arrested for allegedly creating anti-racist graffiti on campus

By Cadence Bambenek | April 15, 2016

A UW-Madison student was arrested Thursday for allegedly creating a string of anti-racist graffiti that has marred buildings across the campus in recent months, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.

Denzel J. McDonald, 21, was arrested by UW-Madison police after a six-month investigation, police spokesman Marc Lovicott said…click here to continue reading.

Man dies in town of Madison shooting

By Cadence Bambenek | May 12, 2016

A man sustained life-threatening injuries Wednesday in a shooting behind a town of Madison gas station, Police Chief Scott Gregory said…click here to continue reading.

Study recommends closing oldest part of Dane County Jail ‘with due haste’

By Cadence Bambenek and Jeff Glaze | May 13, 2016

A newly released consultants’ report recommends that county officials move toward closing the oldest parts of Dane County Jail “with due haste.”

The preliminary report from consultants Mead and Hunt, Potter Lawson, and Pulitzer/Bogard and Associates, which was published Friday ahead of Tuesday’s Public Protection and Judiciary Committee meeting, could lead to planning for an alternative jail…click here to continue reading.

Connecting children to nature initiative builds off current city programs

By Cadence Bambenek | May 29, 2016

A pack of Sherman Middle School students gathered in a circle at Warner Park to share their constructions of cattails, grass, mud and sticks.

Anke Keuser, a doctoral candidate in the Nelson Institute’s Environment and Resources program at UW-Madison, pulled out boxes of blue, pink and yellow candy Peeps, saying she thought they made a fitting prize for a bird-nest-building competition…click here to continue reading.